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New Patient Forms

Please print and fill out following documents. Bring to your appointment with other items.

Patient Form Completion Policy

In response to increasing demands for the completion of medical forms, which require increased administrative time and financial resources, Infinity Foot and Ankle, has adopted a policy to charge for these services.  We request that you are aware of the following:

Submit the form request well in advance of when they are needed.  Every attempt will be made to have them as soon as possible, but within 7 business days.
Patients must complete all of their information prior to submitting the form.  Payment is required prior to completion of the form.  Your insurance company WILL NOT be billed as they do not reimburse for the time and judgment that are required to complete these forms.

The follow fees apply:

  1. $10.00 for simple forms (1 page with no clinical judgment) Ex Handicap for DMV
  2. 45.00 for multi-part forms (requiring clinical decision and/or patient input: Disability forms, FMLA, etc)